Guest Information


Nestled between Tempe Wick Road and Mendham Road/Old Route 24, MGTC is a tranquil setting. Our Main Clubhouse, golf operation and main dining venue is located at 2 Golf Lane. The entrance to our Racquets Field House, which is home to our Tennis Pro Shop and The Loft Indoor Golf Simulator, can be found between #16 and #18 Kennaday Road.

Golf Bag Drop

In order to provide you with the best experience, please use the club's main entrance at the end of Golf Lane. Proceed straight past the flagpole island and turn left in front of the clubhouse to the bag drop. After dropping your clubs, please self-park in any available space.

Locker Room

  • We have a locker room available for your use which can be found when you enter the clubhouse to the right, at the Pro Shop entrance. It is requested that shoes be changed in the locker room. The men's locker room is accessible from the right side of the building, and the women's locker room is accessible through the main clubhouse doors in the center hallway on the left.
  • The Golf Pro Shop is in the rear of the Clubhouse on the right side.
  • There is a shoe cleaning service available in the locker room on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, in case there is a need to get spikes replaced or shoes cleaned

Dress Code

All members and guests are expected to be presentably and appropriately dressed while on Club property, and wear attire that is generally accepted for each sport or activity. At a minimum, attire must meet the dress code for each sport. Special events may stipulate specific dress codes. Dress codes apply to adults, as well as children, unless otherwise noted. The following rules will apply:

Clubhouse/Dining Areas

Appropriate casual dress includes all suitable sports attire included in the golf and racquet dress codes. Casual dress does not include blue jeans or other apparel made from blue jean material. Nor does it include tank tops, t-shirts, halter tops, bathing suits, cutoffs, cargo shorts, athletic shorts and short shorts. Ladies and men must remove their hats when inside the Grill Room; however, hats are permissible in the outdoor dining areas. From April 1 to November 1 tucked in collared shirts are required for men inside the Clubhouse (in accordance with proper golf and tennis attire). 

The exception to the above is children under 12 coming from sporting events with their parents are allowed to dine in alternative sportswear on the outdoor patio. This clothing is not allowed on the practice areas or in the Bar or Grill.

Golf Dress Code

Men: Shirts with collars and sleeves (mock turtleneck and golf hoodies permitted) must be worn at all times. Slacks or golf shorts no more than approximately four inches above the knee must be worn, understanding the length of one's legs affects the distance of appropriate shorts from the knees (golf joggers permitted). Tank tops, t-shirts, cutoffs, jeans, cargo shorts/pants or athletic shorts are not permitted. Hats must be worn properly (facing front). All golf shirts must be tucked in.

Women: Dresses, skirts, slacks or golf shorts no more than four inches above the knee are permitted, understanding the length of one's legs affects the distance of appropriate shorts from the knees. Blouses or golf shirts must have sleeves or collars (golf hoodies permitted). Halter tops, t-shirts, bathing suits, jeans, athletic shorts and short shorts are not permitted.

Shoes: Acceptable shoes must be worn at all times. Golf shoes must have non-metal spikes or tread.

Tennis and Pickleball Dress Code

Footwear: To protect court surfaces, only proper tennis shoes may be worn.

Women: Proper tennis shorts, skirts or dresses must be worn. Bermuda shorts, jean shorts, running or exercise shorts, or cutoffs are not allowed. Collarless tennis shirts and tennis tank tops are allowed. T- shirts are not allowed.

Men: Proper tennis shorts must be worn. No Bermuda shorts, jean shorts, running or exercise shorts, or cutoffs are allowed. Proper tennis shirts must be worn - Collared tennis shirts are mandatory. Tank tops, undershirts, t-shirts or sleeveless shirts are not permitted.

Juniors: The tennis dress code applies to all junior players, except that Mendham logo camp t-shirts are allowed.

Paddle Dress Code

Footwear: Proper athletic footwear is required such as tennis sneakers.

Men & Women: Proper athletic clothes must be worn (such as leggings, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and similar athletic layering). No jeans or any other non-athletic clothes is permitted.

Talking on cell phones is not permitted on the golf course, practice facilities, or the clubhouse dining area, except in emergency situations. Phones may be carried, but the ringer should be off. Restrict phone use (talking) to automobiles, or briefly in the hallways and locker rooms.

Pace of Play

Our pace of play goal for 18 holes is 4 hours or less and for 9 holes is 2 hours or less. Your position on the course is directly behind the group in front of you, not directly ahead of the group behind you. Be prepared to play at all times and ready golf is encouraged.


Please note that the entrance to our tennis and paddle tennis facilities is between 16 and 18 Kennaday Road.

*Tipping Policy: Tipping is at the complete discretion of the member or guest.*

Thank you for taking the time to review this information. We wish you nothing but the best and look forward to sharing our wonderful club with you!